Community Service Learning Projects

The educational adventure begins with the landing in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. After spending a day or two in the capital exploring its cultural heritages, magnificent shrines, and ancient squares, the group quickly moves to Bhairahawa (Rupandehi District) via air travel (30 minutes) or by road (6/7 hours). The program begins in Bhairahawa with the interaction with the local experts, community leaders, educators, PNMHI students and the eco-club. In collaboration with the local partners, the visiting students immediately begin preparation to work on a pre-determined community project in the field of environment and health (e.g., DEMP, health camp).

DEMP Projects

The group works with the local DEMP coordinator at PNMF and participates in the implementation of the river water quality monitoring program in some select public schools along the river. This river water quality tracking project is a collaborative effort between the DEMP and New Mexico’s. The group also works on various other data science project and the possible community projects under consideration in the urban town of Siddharthanagar.

  • Long-term water quality monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Urban Wildlife Refuge concept design
  • River conservation, festival and awareness
  • Household waste management ( grey water treatment, waste recycling, awareness)

Students are encouraged to design some creative awareness campaign such as “SAVE DANDA RIVER” awareness campaign and best practices and offer them to the local eco-club for implementations.

DEMP, the pioneer initiative was started on Dec 2017 during the Himalayan Study Abroad Program


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