COVID-19 Vaccine Training for Frontline Health Workers

Pratiman-Neema Memorial Foundation, a global health worker training from Project HOPE, Brown University and the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies at the Watson Institute of Brown University have partnered together to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine “Train-the Trainer program” training program for frontline responders.

In support of Project HOPE, PNMF took the lead to coordinate this training program in Nepal with an aim to provide the critical skills and knowledge necessary for health workers to understand vaccine science, vaccine rollout communications, prioritization systems and country specific guidelines. 90 medical health professionals such a doctors, nurses, medical health administrators, frontliners participated in the training program dated on 28th May, 2021.

The training covered the following topics to enhance the skills and knowledge of medical health professionals:

  • COVID-19 Vaccines
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Communication and Vaccine Hesitancy
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Access and Prioritization