Lumbini Sustainability Circle: An Eco-adventure Loop

This one-week long road trip will allow students to observe first-hand some of the sustainable development related challenges as well as solutions found all across the diverse landscape of Western Nepal. Driving through the breathtaking beauty of the mountainous terrains, students will observe grass root community groups and their activities, rural clinics, conservation areas, watershed management, hydro dams, farms, water projects, cultural heritages, historical landmarks, schools, amazing bio-diversity, and of course the rural road structure. This life-changing experience will help students understand the sustainable development issues up-close and personal.

To make this program a complete learning experience, students will share their study observation, research findings and the relevant experiences through various outlets such as poster presentation, research notes, policy briefs, and term papers. Students will develop a travelogue of their experience with people, places, interactions and events, and share them through a blog –The Lumbini Sustainability Circle. This LSC blog can help highlight the communities of these five districts and help improve eco-tourism by linking the world heritage site of Lumbini in the Terai with the hilly landscape and communities in the immediate north. The promotion of this circle concept can help tourism by offering some extra days of eco-adventure to the visitors of the Lumbini heritage site.

One Week of Lumbini Sustainability Educational and Adventure Trip –Western Nepal

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