Meeting with Minister of social development (Hons. Sudarshan Baral)

Closed meeting was conducted by Pratiman-Neema Memorial Foundation (PNMF) with Hon. Minister for Social development, Hon. Sudarshan Baral at PNMF, Siddharthanagar-3, Rupandehi on 9th October 2018.  The minister was accompanied by the chief of Health service division (Ministry of Social development), Dr. Uma Shankar Chaudhary. Minister Baral was really grateful to be in our institution.  He expressed that province government is in need of the data and has felt the need of research. The budget has been allocated in research and development. He was really grateful to know that some creative researches are been done at PNMF. He also added that we should find out the areas of interest to work together for research.