PNMF converts its office building to quarantine

Pratiman-Neema Memorial Foundation, after the COVID-19 outbreak has provided its institution building and other utilities to quarantine stranded people in the Nepal-India border. This includes labor workers, women, children, and elderly people. On April 1st 2020, more than 300 people were stranded in the Sunauli Border area in Western Nepal. With the purpose of helping the needy people during this crisis situation, PNMF offered a four-storied building located in Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi district of Province 5 to the Government of Nepal for quarantine. This comes at a time when the lockdown was enforced both in Nepal and India over fears of the deadly spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Nepal’s Government is still facing huge challenges to make arrangements for the stranded people in the border area.

On April 1st, 156 stranded Indian nationals in Nepal side border were quarantined in the PNMF’s building in Nepal providing all the necessary facilities for 25 days. After the quarantine period, they were sent back to India by the Government of Nepal in coordination with the concerned agencies, and the Government of India. PNMF has continued to support by providing its building and other utilities for the stranded people in the Nepal-India border. The remaining 144 Nepalese nationals in India side border were quarantined in Sunauli in India and they have been brought back to Nepal too after the quarantine period.

At present, 73 Indian nationals are quarantined in the building and this support will be continued for battling together against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Hon. Minister Sudarshan Baral, Ministry of Social Development of Province 5, Mr. Hari Adhikari, Mayor of Siddharthanagar Municipality along with other officials, political leaders, social leaders, and general public greatly appreciated and thanked PNMF for providing support with the building to quarantine stranded people in the Nepal-India border.


Acknowledgment letter issued by Siddharthanagar Municipality of Rupandehi district for support of quarantine building during COVID-19