WASHPlus In Schools: Reusable Menstrual Kits Distribution In Gulmi

During a Himalayan Study Abroad program trip to Nepal (December 2017/January 2018), the University of New Mexico student group teamed up with the PNMF organization to distribute 150 reusable menstruation kits to a high school (Shree Prithiwi) students in Purkot, Gulmi. The PNMF organization also arranged for a health professional to give them an hour of awareness training on menstruation hygiene. The awareness training was followed by a survey study. The study shows that the twenty percent of the school girls (10th-12th grade) miss school, 10 % face isolation during the menstruation cycle, and more than 20% do not have access to safe menstrual kits. After the event was concluded, mothers of the students inquired if they could be helped too, by asking “what about us?” Efforts are underway to help these mothers by involving them in the kits sewing entrepreneurship program.

Also, during a Himalayan Study Abroad program trip to Nepal (December 2018/January2019), the University of New Mexico student group along with the PNMF team organized Menstrual Hygiene Management awareness, training, research and kits distribution for school students in Bajkateri, Gulmi, Nepal.

Some facts from prior UNM students research: during menstrual cycles
  • 30% do not use disposable products but rather rag clothing that leave the women susceptible to diseases in
  • 30% of students miss their school during their menstrual cycle
  • Women and girls are emotionally depressed because of social and cultural stigmas

[Source: PNMF-NSC study in two communities in Province 5, Nepal (2016/2017)]

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