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Pratiman Neema Memorial Foundation
Misson, Vision, and Goal

PNMF, a nonprofit organization and a founding trustee of a polytechnic institute, Pratiman-Neema Health Institute (PNMHI), uses three platforms — academics, research, and community engagement –. The foundation strives to make a difference in people’s lives by bringing together people and institutions to work on ideas that are creative, long-lasting and sustainable. The institution is organically dynamic and forward looking, and welcomes individuals and institutions as collaborators who are motivated by social cause, challenging tasks, and are not afraid to think outside the box.

The PNMF organization acts as a catalyst agent of change and

  • Supports PNMHI’s mission to promote high quality academic programs and creative curriculum.
  • Supports PNMHI’s goal of becoming a multidisciplinary college.
  • Supports PNMHI’s effort in creating an innovation laboratory to promote sustainable technologies.
  • Supports initiative of a group of national and international scholars who have come together to establish the Lumbini Center for Sustainability research hub to promote research and policy debates on challenging issues such as climate change and sustainability.
  • Supports creation of the bio-park learning center and the ecological monitoring program to promote citizen science and urban conservancy.
  • Supports PNMHI’s vision to be one of the model green campuses in the country.
  • Supports community service such as conservation, health literacy, and other empowerment initiatives.
  • Welcomes creative ideas (e.g., use of geomatics data science to promote urban conservancy, public health awareness, and resource management)..

PNMF at a glance

People and Institutions

The foundation oversees many activities: academics, research, and community engagement.  There are two boards  that provide overall guidance and policy direction — Executive Committee and Advisory Board. To carry out many of these activities, the Advisory Board works with the PNMF Executive Committee to provide feedback on larger policy and vision related issues. To read about the board members and their roles , click here.



The day-to-day management of the college is done by principal, managing director, and a group of dedicated staff and program coordinators.  In addition, the college has organized itself into a few major units to handle its academic needs and the growing research activities and international linkages generated by the PNMF.

  • Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)
  • Office of Finance and Administration (OFA)
  • Office of Research, Planning, & Development  (ORPD)
  • Office of Global Affairs and Community Outreach (OGACO)

Academic affairs entail the activities related to curriculum, exams, library, and the matters related to day-to-day teaching. The budgetary planning and financial bookkeeping are done by the  Office of the Finance and Administration. The college is also devoting resources to build its capacity through ORPD and OGACO to better handle the affiliated centers  (e.g., Lumbini Center for Sustainability,  Innovation Lab, Bio-park Learning Center)  and national and international partnerships. That is, the two offices –ORPD and OGACO– play the role of facilitators,  whereas the actual *research activities are undertaken by the affiliated centers.



Currently, there are three to four main areas of research activities supported by PNMF.  The policy research is handled by the transnational research center, the Lumbini Center for Sustainability. Sponsored by the PNMF and the college, an international workshop was held  on January 6th 2015 to plant the seed of this center idea.  The technical and practical hands-on research will be conducted by the Innovation Lab (e.g., soil, water, and medicinal plat extraction; solar, renewal energy, housing designs). The idea of an aquatic bio-park  learning center  is also being developed at the campus site.

All of these initiatives are being developed in collaborations with our network of national and international scholars and institutions.


Community Engagement and Capacity Building

Partnerships between academia and communities have increasingly become an integral part of the learning environment of any higher learning system.  PNMF defines community engagement in a broader sense as a collaboration between itself and the larger communities –locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  Interactions with communities can take place in many dimensions.

  • Curricular engagement
  • Collaborative outreach and public service
  • Community engaged research and citizen science
  • Capacity building
  • Social Justice and Empowerment

With its ever growing presence and assets in education, research, and the intellectual network, PNMF has embarked on a bold mission to become one of the best knowledge platforms in the country.  Read More.


Pratiman Neema Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization, which initially began as an organization dedicated to enhance the general welfare of the people and the communities in the district of Pyuthan, especially in memory of a then governor of the district, Pratiman Chand Bohara. Read More.