PNMF is a founding trustee of a nonprofit college –PNC. Accredited by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), the college offers associate degrees in Medical Lab Technician and Medical Lab Assistant and is working to offer other degrees in areas such as Radiology, Pharmacy and Forestry. It has graduated more than two hundred students so far. With three additional degrees slated to start next year (Radiology, Pharmacy, and Forestry), the newly built campus by the Danda River will soon be serving more than six hundred students. It is also worth noting that the current female student population is about 76%, and are ethnically diverse and hail from the low income segment of the society. PNMF’s goal is transform its associate degree granting institute PNC into a full-fledged multi-disciplinary college in the near future. The PNC also hopes to include several new educational initiatives in the near future: landscape ecology (bio-park learning center), sustainable technology, environmental monitoring, study abroad, and entrepreneurial certificate degree. PNC is encouraged by the progress made so far and hopes to offer a broad range of educational opportunities for degree seeking students.

Our Core Values


Giving a broad liberal arts perspective beyond pure science: reading, writing, communication, arts, culture, & technology.


Training for 21st Century knowledge economy through state-of-the-art curriculum, instructional technology.


Thinking beyond the self through community engagement projects and global connectivity.