PNMF is not only promoting the technical education in Siddharthanagar but also collectively working as the research initiator of this region. It has been growing as the holistic platform for students, researchers, Policy makers and community leaders for deliberation, analysis and development of the competent society promoting sustainable development. At the same time PNMF along with its collaborators is deeply focused on the up lifting of underprivileged, uneducated and economically back warded community.

In collaborations with our network of national and international scholars and institutions we created several research platforms: Lumbini Center for Sustainability, Global Health & Community Outreach, Ecological Monitoring Program and Citizen Science, Innovations & Sustainable Technologies. To facilitate these activities in research and collaborations, PNMF is developing two offices at its college: the Office of Research, Planning, and Development and the Office of Global Affairs and Community Outreach.

The two offices at the college – the Office of Research and Planning (ORP) and the Global Affairs and Community Outreach (GACO)– provide administrative support to facilitate many of the activities of the centers. The staff of these two offices provides a high level of service in identifying funding opportunities, developing project ideas into proposals, and submitting complete and competitive proposals.