Lumbini Sustainability Circle Study Abroad Program

An experiential learning experience that combines research, eco-adventure, and hands-on community service-learning projects

Nothing can replace a uniquely immersive experience that takes students to Nepal, where they can experience sights, sounds, and spirits of the magnificent rural communities, their people, and the bio-surroundings. This is an academic learning experience unlike any others that combines research, community service and an eco-adventure that will give students a life-changing experience, which allows them to discover new cultures, to see sustainable development in action, and challenges them to find ways to be a giver. This experiential learning, when combined with rigorous research, inquiry, and investigation, can open doors to personal growth and academic maturity.

Here is how: At the heart of this program is the interdisciplinary collaborative community service learning component that invites students from any discipline to join hands to analyze existing problems in the community and offer solutions. We encourage students to use tools of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The current program highlights activities around the sustainable development concept broadly defined to include and link poverty, health, and the environment.

Experiential Learning Based Four –Part Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Preparation

The visiting group learns about the local socio-economic and cultural dynamics, health, geo-physical landscape, and bio-diversity. In the spirit of “the need-driven research” and “the research-driven solution” framework of this […]

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Community Service Learning Projects

The educational adventure begins with the landing in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. After spending a day or two in the capital exploring its cultural heritages, magnificent shrines, and ancient […]

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Lumbini Sustainability Circle: An Eco-adventure Loop

This one-week long road trip will allow students to observe first-hand some of the sustainable development related challenges as well as solutions found all across the diverse landscape of Western […]

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Disseminating Learning Outcomes

To make this program a complete learning experience, students will share their study observation, research findings and the relevant experiences through various outlets such as poster presentation, research notes, policy […]

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To develop this program, Pratiman-Neema Memorial Foundation (PNMF) and its affiliated institutions (PNMHI College and LCS research center) have teamed up with the University of New Mexico (UNM) faculty, and the Nepal Study Center’s Sustainable Development Action Lab Program. This study abroad program combines PNMF’s infrastructure and resources and its vast local network of local development, health and conservation experts with the UNM’s faculty expertise and NSC’s field research and rigorous academic learning experiences in Nepal.

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For information about the program, time line, the community learning project specification, and the logistics involved, or for any other issues and queries please contact Professor Dr. Alok K. Bohara, University of New Mexico ( and the PNMF’s Executive Director Ms. Swati Thapa (