Post-earthquake Recovery Initiatives

PNMF Relief And Rebuilding Efforts During The Post-Earthquake In Nepal

PNMF is forging collaborations with various national and international partners (e.g., UNM4Nepal and Nepal Study Center) to foster innovation (e.g., sustainable dwelling) to help impoverished rural villages affected by the disaster.  After facing two back-to-back earthquake shocks on April 25th and May 12th, the devastation suffered by Nepal is staggering: more than 8000 deaths, three million people displaced, 600,000 homes destroyed, 20,000 schools in ruin, more than 600 rural clinics leveled, several massive landslides, picturesque towns obliterated, and many cultural icons reduced to rubble.  After carrying out the initial rescue and relief efforts to supply food, shelters, and medicine by the government and relief agencies, Nepal is gradually entering into a phase of recovery and reconstruction.  The success of Nepal’s recovery effort from this calamity will depend on our ability to understand the way our communities have co-existed with its physical and biological environment.

PNMF actively led program to rebuild Nepal through three projects:

One Clinic, One School, One Temple

As a consequence of the recent earthquakes some 10,000 schools, more than 600 health clinics and close to 550 cultural heritage sites have been damaged.  In many rural areas, clinics […]

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Post-Earthquake Relief

On 25th April, 2015, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude and multiple aftershocks devastated Nepal leaving millions of Nepalese homeless, and thousands dead. PNMF immediately rallied volunteers to support victims in […]

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Sustainable Home Design: Project Himali Dream

With over 600,000 homes that must be rebuilt all across the country, PNMF is collaborating with UNM4Nepal, UNM’s Nepal Study Center, the Nepal Engineering College to design an affordable, sustainable, […]

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