Danda Ecosystem Monitoring Program(DEMP)

DEMP (Danda Ecological Monitoring Program) is the pioneer initiative for scientific collection of data in different parameters in Danda River. The DEMP project is a collaboration between Pratiman Neema Foundation and its affiliated research center, the Lumbini Center for Sustainability (LCS), Pratima-Neema College (PNC) and many local, national and international partners: faculty of the University of New Mexico (UNM), the Nepal Study Center, New Mexico’s Bosque Ecological Monitoring Program (BEMP), and several local partners such as eco-clubs, municipality authorities and public colleges and schools. Project has initiated the concept of citizen science as public schools, local colleges and social organizations are involved in data collection. The uncontrolled dumping of garbage, human waste flow, and industrial discharge taking place along the urban sections of the river is the root cause for deterioration of Danda ecosystem. DEMP aims for awareness, collection of data and run effective programs to preserve its biodiversity.


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