Local Attractions

Lumbini World Heritage Site

Our polytechnic institute is in Bhairahawa, which is next door to the world heritage site of Lumbini, the birthplace of the Lord Buddha (600 BC). Within a few hours driving distance , there are more than 30 Buddha related historical sites including Buddha’s father’s kingdom (the Republic of Kapilvastu), the site of Shakya’s massacre, his maternal home (Ramgram), as well as other ancient ruins and monasteries.






Hill Stations and Safari

Within a two hour of driving distance, the local attractions include a hill station in the north (Tansen, Palpa), a Rana Palace by the Kali Gandaki River, and the world class Chitwan National Park with rhinos, tigers, deer, crocodiles, and 543 species of birds. For those who are interested in bird watching, there is a lake (Jagdishpur lake) within an hour of driving distance near Lumbini that hosts many species. Pokhara, a world class tourist destination with boating, paragliding, eco-tourism, rafting, access to the Annapurna circuit and much more, is only six hours away.







One can embark on a 4-6 day long sightseeing/trekking loop (on foot or vehicle): Starting from Lumbini to Kavilvastu; head north to beautiful hill villages Narpani, Sandhikharkha, Toni Pokhari, Rani Pokhari etc… to Ridi by the Gandaki River for some rafting; to Tansen hill station, head north to Pokhara Or back to Bhaiarahawa, Lumbini Or loop down to Chitwan for a safari.

We offer nature adventure and experiential learning with personal spiritual growth. In a nutshell, you can combine your work at PNMF and with some eco-spiritual adventure. Enjoy a personal awakening by visiting the lands of the Buddha and walking in his footsteps while, at the same time, you bring yourself closer to nature with a series of eco adventures along the way: river rafting, village stays, mountain view drives, bio-park and bird watching, palace exploration by the mighty Gandaki River, nature hiking and wilderness exploration. Feel good in body, mind, and spirit while doing some good for the community by getting involved and helping with the PNMF’s vision.