Global Health & Community Outreach Group

The Global Health and Community Outreach (GHCO)  group at PNMF aims to make a difference in improving the health and well-being of communities that are poor, under-served, and underprivileged.  We work with national and international collaborators of doctors, public health practitioners, social scientists and experienced policymakers to find new and creative ways to address health challenges.  This inclusive partnership approach invites new innovations and creative solutions, and urges participants to see this as an opportunity to share as well as learn from each other.

Our Agenda and Approach

  • Our service target is community (e.g. remote, poor, underprivileged, under-served, socially isolated, women and children).
  • Our method is evidenced-based learning and implementation (e.g., surveys, RCTs, field research and scientific testing).
  • Our group encourages new approaches and creative innovations (e.g., social innovations in health, telemedicine, health camps, awareness, education).
  • Our group believes in efficient  creation, management, and utilization of knowledge (e.g., e-portals, policy briefs, research notes, posters, working papers, journal publication, Smart Phone App).
  • Our network is open to joint collaborations (e.g., workshops, seminar, training, guest lecturing, mentoring, sabbatical, post-doc, internships, and grant writing).

A Better Tomorrow

The group strongly believes that scientifically sound evidence-based  data collection, and targeted research and analysis can improve health care related actions on the ground.  Our highly competent group of practitioners, scholars and policymakers on the network and their diverse skills and experience will bring forth new thinking and  approaches.  Hopefully, this platform may emerge as a source of effective advocacy.

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