DEMP Citizen Science

Introducing REMP Citizen Science Program at Shree Ram Naresh Secondary School in Dhakdhai, Rohini

PNMF has recently initiated to expand a successful pilot program of “DEMP” initiative in Rohini Urban Municipality as a part of the Rohini Urban Forests and Wildlife Habitat (RUFWH). This project is a collaboration between PNMF, Rohini Urban Municipality and 7 public and private schools located in the surrounding areas. Project has initiated the concept of citizen science for scientific collection of data in different parameters in Rohini River. The Rohini Ecological Monitoring Program “REMP” aims for awareness, collection of data and run effective programs to preserve its biodiversity and wildlife habitat. REMP has the potential to follow in the program’s footsteps and achieve tangible positive change in the area. The primary data collection of REMP will be started on December 2019.