Post-Earthquake Relief

On 25th April, 2015, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude and multiple aftershocks devastated Nepal leaving millions of Nepalese homeless, and thousands dead. PNMF immediately rallied volunteers to support victims in nearby villages (Bhaktpur and Khawa, Dhulikhel).

Kalintar Village, Bhaktapur, May 2nd , 2015

Fortunately no lives were lost in Kalintar, but the village was devastated.  60 homes were destroyed, and most villagers are living on open ground under tents due to fear of additional building collapses from aftershocks.  Many families lost all of their belongings and food supplies in the destruction and are in need of food, shelter, and medicine.

In response to Kalintar’s needs, PNMF gathered a 20-member volunteer relief team to distribute some immediate relief supplies.

  • Rice: 25 kg
  • Pulses: 2 Mugs
  • Salt: 1 Packet
  • Sugar: 2 Mugs
  • Chiura: (beaten rice)
  • Dettol(topical anticeptic): 1750ml bottle

Food Kits were distributed to the 60 families in Kalintar who lost their homes.

Khawa, Dhulikhel, May 8, 2015

  • Rice: 1400 kgs
  • Dal: 200 kgs
  • Tent: 68 pcs
  • Bitten Rice: 60 Kgs
  • Mineral Water: 360 Ltr