Support for Women4Women Hygiene Feminine Project in Nepal

UNM students engage in valuable experiential learning opportunities through mutually beneficial campus-community partnerships. In the global context, students work with the local partners in Nepal to understand (e.g., through focus group discussion & data gathering) the impediments in gender hygiene and health conditions and provide solutions (e.g., hygiene kits as intervention tool) to improve, educate, and offer effective awareness mechanism in areas of health, sanitation, menstrual hygiene, and adolescent emotional stress.

Some facts from prior UNM student research: during menstrual cycles

  • 30% do not use disposable products but rather rag clothing that leave the women susceptible to diseases
  • 30% miss school during their cycle
  • Women and girls are emotionally depressed because of social and cultural stigmas [Source: PNMF-NSC study in two communities in Province 5, Nepal (2016/2017)]


  1. Provide safe reusable menstrual kits to rural high school students
  2. Educate and improve awareness for women through education workshops
  3. Provide tools and knowledge for menstrual kit production to support and empower women
  4. Gather data for research & learning

Money Donations Will Be Used To Purchase:

  • Menstrual kits -$8 for one (Goal: 300 sets)
  • Sewing machines and fabric for the women to make menstrual kits$320 (Goal: 10 sets)

Making Donations:

Payable to: Nepal Study Center Att: Tami Henri Department of Economics University of New Mexico MSC 05 3060 Albuquerque, NM 8713