Menstrual Hygiene awareness Program

Menstrual hygiene awareness and sanitation has been one of the important and routine program of PNMF. May 2016 Pratiman-Neema Memorial Foundation (PNMF) in joint collaboration with Women2be, an

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National Science Foundation funded Research Planning Trip

The basic theme of the LCS came from a NSF funded research planning trip undertaken in Dec 2014 by an interdisciplinary team of UNM faculty (Dr. Alok K. Bohara, Dr. Mark Stone, and Dr. Joe Galewsky

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Workshop to Establish the Lumbini Center for Sustainability

During the final leg of the trip to Lumbini, the UNM team and its Nepali collaborators participated in an interactive, deliberative, and participatory workshop sponsored by the PNMF and the

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Danda Ecological Monitoring Program (DEMP) Scientific Data Collection Protocol Prepared

The summer of 2016 saw a  unique collaboration between PNMF and the research team from the University of New Mexico’s  (UNM) on a Continue Reading »


This past summer (2016), PNMF launched a Save Danda campaign by establishing a Danda Ecological Monitoring Program (DEMP) and Citizen Science lab. As a part of this campaign, a scientific

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Community Health Education, Awareness and Leadership Training for Women of Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi, Province-5

Community Health Education, Awareness and Leadership Training for Women.  The training gathers community leaders for a five day, healthcare-focused workshop, preparing participants for

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